Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Are you insured?
A.Yes we are fully insured to cover our own negligence, not our customers. At the time of your reservation you will be required to sign our rental agreement which is the release of liability for Central Coast Party Factory and terms and conditions for your rental.
Q.Is there a deposit to reserve a unit? What methods of payment are accepted?
A.All rentals require a 50% non-refundable credit card deposit of the total of your rental to reserve. We accept cash, pre-approved checks, Venmo or Credit Card for final Payment. SEE CANCELLATION POLICY BELOW.
Q.When is the final balance due?
A.Your final amount is due the day before delivery, unless cash or pre-approved check payment has been discussed with our office staff. If paying cash, please have the exact amount as our drivers do not carry change. If payment arrangements have not been made prior delivery we will charge the credit card on file the remaining balance at time of your delivery.
Q.Are there additional fees?
A.Additional fees can be added over the following: 1. Returned Checks- We will only accept pre-approved checks from Schools, Churches, and Corporate Businesses. In the event that your check is returned we will add a $35 fee. 2. If for any reason the unit is excessively dirty, has gum, candy, food or sticky substances a cleaning fee of a minimum of $75 will be automatically invoiced. BEWARE SILLY STRING AND PERMANENT MARKINGS CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE UNIT, THE CUSTOMER WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETELY REPLACE THE UNIT. 3. We offer units that can be used DRY or WET. Please make your selection at the time of reservation. Reserving unit for DRY use and getting it wet the customer will be charged double the rental fee to cover our cost in subsequent cancelled bookings, extra labor at pick up and additional drying time. This fee will also be implemented if unit is soaked due to sprinklers not being turned off. 4. Needing a pick up or drop off time out of our normal operating hours or having specific drop off and pick up times on high volume days (Holidays, Graduation Weekends, etc.) The fee will be calculated depending on what is needed to meet the needs for your rental. Please contact our office as soon as possible to discuss. 5. No vehicle access within 100 feet or more than 5 stairs/steps minimum of $75 charge. We will need to see a photo of the pathway to provide a final fee. 6. Last minute booking will automatically have a $35 fee added to the total.
Q.How will I know how much space is needed?
A.Dimensions can be found in product description. If you are unclear if your space can accommodate the unit please give us a call/text 805.836.2414 and we will help you asses. Be sure to have a cleared 4ft pathway to the set up area. The set up area needs to be free and clear of clutter and pet waste at time of delivery.
Q.Are your Inflatables clean?
A.All of our units are cleaned at the time of pickup and sanitized after every rental. They are also scheduled for deep clean on a regular basis. You will never received a dirty unit. Our delivery team will fully inspected the unit at time of delivery, and will spot clean anything that does not meet our standards.
Q.Do we have to keep the unit plugged in at all times?
A.The unit must be on while in use. Unplugging/turning off the blower will cause the unit to deflate. If the unit will not be in use for an extended amount of time it is okay to unplug/turn off the blower.
Q.Does the unit require supervision?
A.Yes, their should be adult supervision at all times while the unit is use.
A.Set up fee is included in the price of the unit for home rentals. Multiple unit rentals or public rentals that require set up and breakdown within a small window of time can incur an additional fee to cover the additional labor to meet your needs. This fee will be calculated on a case by case basis. Travel fee is not part of the set up fee, Travel fee is calculated by mileage.
Q.Do you allow overnight/multi-day rentals?
A.Most of our units can be booked overnight or multi-day you can find this information in the unit details.
Q.Should I tip the driver?
A.If our delivery driver provides you with excellent service and you would like to thank them, they do accept tips.
Q.Am I responsible for damage of the unit during my event?
A.Once our delivery team leaves your premises, the customer takes responsibility of the unit, You will assume all responsibility all damage not caused by ordinary wear and tear. You will be liable for any cutting, tearing, exceeding weight capacities, improper use of unit, lack of care, use of any chemical, food, paint, silly string. should any of these arise at the time of pick up, the cost of damage will be assessed and customer will automatically be invoiced. Accidental damage fees can be waived if the customer opts to purchase the Accidental Damage Waiver at the time of booking.
Q.What is the Accidental Damage Waiver?
A.CCPF offers an optional 10% non-refundable damage waiver on all rental equipment. Customer must select coverage at time of reservation, pay in full, and sign rental contract before start of event for damage waiver to be bound. The Damage Waiver is NOT liability insurance. This Damage Waiver does NOT cover theft, vandalism, silly string, misuse and/or abuse of units and equipment. This Damage Waiver does NOT cover missing equipment. CCPF will bill for any missing equipment at replacement cost.
Q.What time do you set up?
A.We try to set up no later than 30 minutes before your party start time. If you are working with a venue that doesn't have flexibility on time please let us at the time of reservation. For home rentals we try to deliver the day before your party whenever possible at no extra cost.
Q.How long in advance should I book?
A.We recommend reservations be made at least 3 to 6 weeks in advance. All rentals are first come first serve and are not reserved until deposit has been received. Some units get booked months in advance, especially during summer and holidays.
Q.Could the inflatable blow away?
A.Even though our units are properly secured with sandbags/stakes our units have a 15-20 mph threshold. If high winds are expected during your event we will not deliver. One of our team members will be communicating any weather changes that can result in cancelation a few days prior to your rental.
Q.Can I pick up my rental?
A.Unfortunately, our insurance does not allow us to offer customer pickup at this time.


Q.Do you deliver to parks?
A.We deliver to most parks, please see list below. If you do not see the park you have reserved please call/text 805.836.2414 our office before booking. When filling out the reservation form be sure to include the name of the park and area reserved as well as park address for accurate travel fee. Nipomo- Nipomo Regional Park Arroyo Grande- Elm Street Park, Rancho Grande Park, Heritage Square Park, Strother Park Grover Beach- Sixteenth Street Park, Grover Heights Park Pismo Beach- Spyglass Park, Dinosaur Cave Park SLO- Johnson Park, Meadow Park, Sinsheimer Park, Santa Rosa Park
Q.Do you need to reserve a park area?
A.Yes, if you are planning on having a bounce house an area will need to be reserved and most parks have an additional fee for inflatables. Please contact Park and Recreations office for more information.
Q.What if their is no electricity in my reserved area?
A.You can rent a generator to power the unit. Within the description of the unit you will find the size of generator you will need for your particular unit. An additional fuel fee will be added to your booking at $5 per hour.
Q.Do parks allow WET units?
A.No, parks do not allow units that require water.


We understand sometimes you need to cancel or reschedule. CCPF requires a written notice at least 14 days prior to the event (24 hours prior due to weather). If a notice is received in a timely manner CCPF will transfer any payment made to the rescheduled event or hold it as a rain check (credit) that can be used within 1 year from the original date of your event. When rescheduling units are subject to availability. Non-weather related cancellations 2-14 days prior to date of your event are subject to a 30% cancellation fee. Non-weather related cancellations with less than 48 hours are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
Weather related cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. A written notice is still required by CCPF to cancel. Once the unit is set up you are responsible for 100% of your rental agreement.


Cancellations and refunds are subject to approval by CCPF staff.  Once the contract is signed and deposit paid, you are committed to leasing the subject equipment for a particular date and time.  You may obtain a return of the deposit by canceling the rental contract in writing and delivering it to CCPF 8 weeks prior to scheduled date.  Any cancellations with less than 8 weeks to the event date will be subject to a prorated refund of the deposit/rental charge at the following rate: 8 to 4 weeks– 15% of the rental charge; 4 weeks to 30 days- 25% of the rental charge; 29 to 14 days prior to event– 50% of the rental charge.  Cancellations within 13 to 0 days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of deposit and collection of remaining balance will be due.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (805) 836-2414

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